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Mid-Life Swears: Finding new energy & inner wisdom regardless of life’s challenges

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Welcome to mid-life swears, a wtf origin story

Here’s the truth. Lately, I cuss under my breath. A lot!

The irony…People call me calming. People call me grounded. Haha. Funny right?

You can read the backstory below if you want to know why I started whispering swear words.

The point is...Life sent me on a quest to find new energy & my inner voice regardless of life’s commotion. Are you looking for a little courage, a dose of self-knowledge, ways to start feeling better, or even just a place to connect with other wonderful cursing humans? Then, follow along, join in & let’s compare notes. Let's share what we learn.

The backstory on why I started whispering swear words

I had a problem with burnout.

I experienced a significant amount of loss.




Financial independence.

Add huge life changes.

Became a mom.

Raised an infant mostly in isolation (due to the pandemic).

Family illnesses.

Added family businesses & new responsibilities.

My own health scare nearly put me on my knees.

I tried to solve it with "self-care," becoming my own positivity bully, and telling myself to relax. All of which became new line items on the endless to-do list.

Thankfully, nothing came of my health scare, but I swear it woke me the F*** up. This is impacting my body.

I packed up the to-dos and took off sprinting. Yes, running. I couldn't make sense of it. Running wasn't on my list. But the urge was overwhelming.

Did the stress go away? Heck no. But it definitely felt more manageable. Less burnout-y. Why did this help? I started researching. It turns out, there could be a perfectly good, scientific explanation.

Now I am experimenting with anything and everything to help me manage stress, improve my health, and regain self-trust. I'll share what I learn. It's taking me a great deal of courage to put myself out here. Some of these new strategies are working for me. Some work with time & can't prove when or why. Some are still really challenging for me to figure out. I'll share everything I learn.

To be clear, none of this is medical or professional advice. It's meant to build community and share what we are discovering about ourselves. To enhance our lives alongside great medical care from your doctor and therapist when you believe you need it. I worked with an excellent therapist to begin showing up in my life congruent with whom I wanted to be in this world. Stories for another day. The point is...Please seek medical and emotional care from licensed professionals.

Find your new energy and inner wisdom regardless of life's challenges.

Our lives aren't going to get less complex. But we can find ways to get back to our true, grounded selves. The self we can trust to guide us when life gets muddled.

If you’re whispering "wtf" on the daily, join me. Let’s take a deep breath, listen to ourselves & have some laughs.


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