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Bathing Suits


Finding your inner wisdom & new energy regardless of life's commotion.


Hi. I'm Stacey. People describe me as a calming presence.  I'm a little ornery too. 


A new-er mom. Of an equally ornery toddler.

Lots of crazy life events turned me into a person who swears under my breath. A lot!  I became obsessed with researching what it takes to become the grounded, calming version of myself again.  No matter what mayhem life throws my way.

I started this blog to help you and me understand we are human. Nobody is immune from the shit storms.  But, many of us don't want to live there. We want to feel better. Show up in the world congruent with our truest selves. Even when the world doesn't always feel safe enough for us to do it. 

My husband and I own a few small businesses together.  I wear a lot of hats. So does he.  


My experience spans a couple decades and industries.  Big four consulting, consumer packaged goods & transportation supply. Boring titles include analyst, supply chain manager, and project leader.  For fun I teach fitness classes, am a personal trainer, and have an executive coaching license. You get the gist.

I struggled hard to let go of my identity as a high-performing, paycheck collecting, crazy-busy person. I admittedly still get the panic sweats & apply for jobs. Then, I learn to calm down and keep experimenting with a new vision for my work.


I'm pretty nervous to try something new.  Here goes...

Let's find new energy & inner voices regardless of life's commotion.


Join a community of swearers with new energy

Join a community of swearers with new energy!

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